Uncovering. Soul messages and beauty.

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I got into the concept of minimalism four years ago.  I got hooked instantly by the idea of having a perfectly edited closet that expressed my true self.

I have been practicing having a minimal closet since then.  At the beginning I used the blog Un-fancy as my guide.  Now it has become more of a personal and intuitive process.

I watched this documentary on Netflix the other night and my passion is even more deeply re-ignited.  This time with more focus on everything outside of my closet.

This concept and way of life clears so much space. The space you live in and even more importantly the space inside your heart and mind.

Space to honor yourself

your choices

to explore your process

to be quiet-in a world that is so very noisy.

The guides, the ones from beyond and the ones here in human form keep reminding us to breath into this new way, to go inside to find the path.

Clear away the noise so that you can breath deeply into your heart and minds eye.

This is a beautiful path to try.....




Uncovering. Soul messages and beauty.

image My husband and I went on our first date on Valentine's Day.  It was magical.  I recognized him through space and time and felt a sense of calm come over my heart for the first time ever and, mind you, I was already 32 years old, so that's 32 years of feeling unsafe and unsettled until we met.  That's a long time.

So, there was this coming home and feeling of "finally" (as if we had come together again from another life-finally reunited) and also, that love was about me needing something and now, well I am transforming into a different kind of being and with me our love is transforming too.

There will always be parts of me that need and I plan to honor them with care and breath and patience and even humor but the kind of love I am here to give transcends need.  I am here to feel love as my essence and my gift and I am here to accept love in this way too.

I have been learning a lot about this kind of love....it all started with a desperate need to understand masculine energy.  I found a teacher and followed him all over the Internet absorbing his message and his magic, as I do.  Then I found a female guide who is teaching me how to be present with my man and all men and to celebrate our differences and then I discovered the "big cahuna" of this work of living as love and understanding and dancing with the masculine and the feminine energies.  I cried because I had found truth and desire.  I had found the depths of my soul that I always knew were there but was scared to unleash on myself, my man and frankly the world!

My husband holds space for me as I am transforming and loves me selflessly through it all.  I am practicing being this new woman.  This g-dess who knows her powers who is love and who can accept the kind of loving ravishment that is her deepest desire.

It's about sex yes, it's about life, every moment. ¬†It's about my body yes because my body is creation, it's about energy (that part is my sweet spot)ūüĎĀ. ¬†It's about this one full life.

One life to live as deeply and fully as possible.  It's major.

My talented friend Cassia Cogger painted this picture and it's my Galentine gift to myself.  In celebration of love and beauty.


And the feminine and the masculine energies that are the soul of this lifetime.



Uncovering. Soul messages and beauty.

image There is so much energetic wisdom available to us when we look back into our ancient past, especially as women of this new age, merging our inherent magic that we have been hypnotized into forgetting, with the skills and power we have learned and perfected since the women's movement of our mothers and grandmothers generations.  What if we reach back, all the way back in time and bring forward this energy?  What if one portal into this is adornment?  What if one of the paths to freedom, to the soul, to the heart is through beauty?

Let's access this together.  Join me as I explore this path in private consultations to access your souls magic, group sessions to explore together what it means to adorn your body and soul through discussion as well as make overs, clothing swaps, energy and past life readings, and my blog where I play with these ideas and journey toward the soul.

With love,




image Channeled message:  On some level we are all experiencing a feeling of pressure and a sense of urgency.  As if our souls are pounding on our bodies like caged birds wanting to be set free.  For some this is extremely intense for others it is showing up in more gentle ways but this energy is present here and now.  It's important to notice how this feels inside your particular body and then begin to play with moving the sensation around.  Locate one thing to focus on deeply and allow the other things to float softly inside your heart until you are ready to put your attention on them.  Practice this way of allowing things to float until you decide to put your mind to them.  We are holding much more energy then ever before and energy transforms into emotions and emotions often cause us to feel and identify with fear.  Now is the time to practice holding the energy,  noticing the emotions, expressing them without judgement and then choose the focus for the moment or hour or day and align that focus with your soul.  This is becoming the new way of moving forward in these new energetic times.

I posted that quote above because it resonates so deeply with my journey and is, so, for these times.  The journey is in BEING.  Be the light that you are, the stardust that you will return to.  The practicing of being love is my path now.  The teachers have arrived and more will come.  It is hugely challenging and fantastically freeing.

Breath.  We are on a long path that is moving so very quickly.  Breath.




image It is all about intuition these days.   Weed out the noise and get really clear about your own "vehicle" your soul and body, your soul body.  This vehicle will take you through this time that is this next phase of human transformation.  Going inside to then move your energy outward may feel selfish and you will feel judged.  Judged by other humans who themselves are attempting to hold anxiety that is bigger then their physical bodies can handle.  Listen to their energetic and verbal judgements.  This is alright.  All is right in this feeling realm.   This is the time of allowing the energies to rise up and learning how to witness, because whatever action you physically take the energy of your being is what will create the ripple of change.

Quiet time.

Go inward.

Move out from this place of inner navigation.



image Listen.  The crowds are gathering.  The energy is already in movement before the physical bodies arrive.  You must breath into yourself and connect with your soul and soul body in order for real change to unfold.  Joining the masses is part of the old way.  Stay connected to yourself in order to engage in this energetic revolution.  Breath.  Check in with your "insides" start now and do this while you are either physically with a crowd or energetically with a crowd.

This message is given in the vibration of love from the guides.



  It's my goal to elevate the shopping experience to the sacred. ¬†Its about the energy we focus first in our own hearts and then out onto the items that speak to our souls.

You might not think a sale rack at the mall has sacred potential but let's play with the idea and see ūüĎĀ.


As I walked into the store I could feel the post holiday slump, even the sales people looked exhausted and bored with all of the left over clothes from the season.  I took a deep breath and connected to my heart.  I wasn't going to buy anything today just look for a treasure or two to share.  Just focusing on the word treasure began to create a whole new experience between myself and the process.  I treasure my heart and my body, I am worth treasures, I am a treasure.....you see?

I wondered what item might honor how winter feels in my body?


Here is what I found. ¬†This faux fur vest feels soft and warm but also lets my arms move (because you know I have to have my wings ready for flight) ūüėČ. It's neutral and chic and goes with everything I own and one of my favorite high end designers had something just like this in their winter collection. ¬†If I was planning to buy anything today now would have been the time to connect with my core, to check in with my body and decide how much I would spend on this item.

While on my way out I stopped to browse the accessorize because looking at jewelry brings me so much joy ‚ú®.

Even in a department store it is possible to uncover little sparkly treasures that feel unique and holy if the color and design and mood of the jewelry resonates with who you are and who you are becoming.

Rachel ūüĆüūüĆüūüĆüūüĆüūüĆüūüĆüūüĆüūüĆü


image Learning how to slow down and listen to the wisdom of my body-mind-spirit.  No more pushing in the old way I was taught to do at least not when it relates to my soul movement.  Curled up right now.  In the cold. In the new moon. Inside of the deep and vast learning and integration that is moving through me.  Honoring the passion and love inside of me that is now freeing itself.  Seeing everything with new eyes.

Curled up and expanding.

ūüĎĀ Rachel


image We flew home yesterday from our family vacation and it's been challenging to adjust my mind-body and spirit.  It's not the usually sadness of leaving the sun and sand and ease and rhythm rather it's as if my cells are struggling to come together and settle into my body in this new year of so much change.

On the flight yesterday I sat next to a 72 years young man who had a very open heart.  He shared so much about his life and then we spoke of the election and we found ourselves on opposite sides of the Universe but....he is a Libra and I am a Pisces and so we both in our own way tried to keep the peace and understand the others experience.  I had a moment where I felt so clearly that with this election and the dawn of 2017 we are all on a plane ride, buckled up and ready to go....we don't know where and how but we are being taken on the adventure of our lifetimes.  It feels solemn and awesome all at once.

Today I am sitting at my desk and feeling the need to clear all of my spaces to find a blank canvas to slowly fill with what is to come.  What I am sure of is the energy around me.  The awareness of energy is what will guide the future we are flying towards.

I am looking forward to redesigning my blog and sharing my website with you very soon and offering.....offering my services, my channel to you.

and speaking of energy.....


That pinky ringūüĆü. ¬†Captures the universe in a little pod‚ú®‚ú®‚ú®.


Uncovering: soul messages and beauty.

image (Photo: Monica L. Shulman).

The greatest expression of human consciousness is love.  Know that love does not always look like hugs and kisses.  Love is energy and can be given in very subtle ways.  Through your eyes you can offer love to so many people as you move through your day.  People who you may have once felt different from, who you are just now beginning to understand on a cellular level are in fact so very much like you, that you can actually speak to one one another without words.  All of this is on the wind.  Listen for it.  Use your eyes.


Uncovering: soul messages and beauty.

image I find myself addicted to this tv show called Forever.  It is the story of a man born in the 1700's who discovers that he is immortal.

It feels so right to be fantasizing about being immortal and living through so much history just now as we have entered into a time when we are being called to learn from humanities collective past experiences to grow and develop into a new type of human being.  To be a people who join together in love rather then divide into fear.

The guides are clear: trust yourselves, trust your inner voice that you have ignored for all this time, the knowing inside your heart of how to listen to your wisdom and how to love one another.  The collective fear no longer owns you.

Listen with your heart and your eyes.  Trust your body as we move into this new realm.

In a way we are all immortal.  Our energy is here with us in our bodies and then transforms into crystal clarity on the wind.


Such a journey.



Uncovering: soul messages and beauty.

image A reminder today that the feminine energy is continuing to rise.

The female candidate did not win our election but the guides want me to share that feminine energy is rising.  If you listen closely you can hear it on the wind and feel it on your skin.  Men and women alike.  This is the ending of the patriarchy.  The ending.

We must expand into it in our own hearts in order to notice it in others.  Reflective mirrors.



Uncovering: soul messages and beauty.

image Photo: Monica L. Shulman Photography

This morning,  once I moved through all of the fear I am storing in my system, my own and the collective's , I breathed deeply and received two messages.

The first felt like a koan (a paradoxical anecdote or riddle used in Zen Buddhism).  They said, we are present with you all, with.you.all, meaning the ones struggling the most with the understanding and acceptance of the concept of diversity, we are with them too.  Can you now see how we are with all?    The riddle part for me is in the understanding of how divine energy is never only on one side, something in my system opened up from this message and allowed me to breath more deeply into my experience as a human right now.

The second message was a vision of a long and winding path with many twists and turns. They took me on a "ride" through the labyrinth of this life and what a gift it was.

Stay present longer to all of the diverse parts of yourself because diversity is the truth of being here and alive and we are just now waking up to this, deeper and deeper we go.

Take a small journey on the labyrinth of your life.

Give yourself love in this way as we move forward.




Uncovering: soul messages and beauty.

image The energy fields are clearing and moving and opening so quickly that at times I can barely catch my breath.

As a medium I get messages all day long some I am open to receiving and others that I ignore and keep at bay. A few days before the election I wrote about how I felt the ancestors coming forward to support and guide us.  I thought they were here to celebrate all of the shifts and changes we had made but I realize now that they were present to guide us through this enormous shift that we find ourselves in right now.  I can't see a timeline but it feels long.

Today I hear a persistent screaming.  Not tortured in nature. More like a wave of intense energy and yes screaming.

Can you hear them?  The six million souls who were murdered.  This group comes through for me because we are linked on a soul level.  Someone else right now is hearing the millions of Africans who suffered unimaginable pain, you can be sure of it, and others too.

I am not scared of this communication.  I am grateful for it.  We are all connected through time and space.  Their lives were not wasted because their energy is present here and now.

We are not alone.

If you hear them or if you can imagine hearing them hold space for that energy bring it forward as we move into this new age. We will heal together.  There is no other choice.


Uncovering: soul messages and beauty.

image We are changed and changing.  What will this new higher vibrational us look like?  What will we see in our reflection and in the reflection of others as we are stretching our bodies on a cellular level to hold so much more love and magic?

As we move through our days and take higher notice of the humanity of every individual we come in to contact with we are creating a weblike network of strength and love.

Remember these energetic interactions are so very powerful.

You are a light being here on a journey.  Allow the light in whenever you can.


Uncovering: soul messages and beauty.

image Some are here to fight. Some are here to hold. Some to do both.

If you are a holder of space and energy it is time to rest.  You soul body requires a rest.  After a week of energetic shifts.  Lay down your worries and fears for a small period of time so that you can rise up again physically prepared to be present, conscious and clear minded.

The ancient traditions prescribe this and I keep hearing and feeling the ancestors calling out to us to lean into the wisdoms that were seeds they planted just for this time.

Find your rest inside of your tradition or create your own tradition.  The rest can be happening silently inside of yourself.  No one has to know.

I offer this and I will do my best to follow this guidance because I need it too.